Sunday, February 20, 2011

First up, Texas Roadhouse on Hilliard-Rome Road.

    So . . . The day of the experience was Valentines day and took place around 5:00 pm.  This means that they were absolutely packed.  We walked in and, to my surprise, they only had a 10 minute wait.  To make things even better, we only ended up standing for about 7 minutes.  The only complaint that I had about the wait was that there was a party of about 10 people and another couple waiting as well.  This was a problem because, well, let's just say that Texas Roadhouse isn't exactly set up for a large amount of people waiting for tables.  The front of the restaurant was absolutely packed with 14 people waiting.  We were all basically back to back and shoulder to shoulder and it was WAY too cold to go outside.  However, as I said, it was a short wait even on Valentines Day, so there was no harm done.

    Next, we were escorted to our table, by a young girl version of cupid, which I thought was pretty cool.  It is nice to see a restaurant let their employees have a little fun because it makes it more fun for everyone!  Anyways, the first thing I noticed was that the lighting in the restaurant was very pleasing.  Some places have some of the worst lighting situations . . . eheem(macaroni grill) .  Also,  the booths that we sat in had plenty of room, which pleased me very much.

    When we ordered, we ordered from a young girl who will remain nameless.  She was a very cute girl who's looks were only surpassed by her  attentiveness to our drinks and overall helpfulness.  Seriously guys, she was a great waitress, which really reflects the training that this place puts into their employees.

    First, we got our salad, which took about 4-5 minutes.  Then, about 10-12 minutes later, we got our food, which was a prime rib and a 12 oz. steak.  As we always do, I tried hers and she tried mine and I am here to tell you that it was absolutely perfect.  We both ordered our meat medium and that is exactly the way it came out.  To top it off, we didn't even wait 15 minutes for it either!

    So, here is Texas Roadhouse getting absolutely slammed and by the end of our meal (about 45 minutes), we had two managers ask us how things were, about 3 drink refills each, and some other girl bring us some coupons for our next visit!  I have to tell you, I was and still am pretty impressed.  I will most likely be using that coupon sooner than later!

    Verdict- 9.0/10
 Minus 1 point only because the front of the restaurant is too small to handle large groups of people waiting to eat . . . but if the weather permits, you can always go outside and wait because they give you the vibrating notifications

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