Monday, February 21, 2011

Romano's Macaroni Grill - Park Ctr. Circle, Dublin, OH 43017 - My First Unfortunate Food Experience Since I Got Here

    I am going to start off this post on a negative note and, out of respect for the good points of this experience, end with the positive.  To be honest, it wasn't all bad and it may just be my taste buds that are used to other styles of Italian food, so I will leave this one up for discussion.  Feel free to discuss and I WILL get to your questions and/or concerns ASAP.

   First of all, when I walked in the door on February 1st of 2011, the lighting in this place was just terrible.  Seriously, I felt like I was in a freaking cave.  I found it VERY hard to even read the menu.  Now, I know that the economy has been hit and that EVERYONE is doing their best to conserve energy, but having people basically eat in the dark is, simply put, unacceptable.  If you work there, please let management know that I filled out a complaint card about this and it really should be investigated.  I understand that low lighting is supposed to be "stylish" and "romantic," but if you were going for that type of thing, there should be candles on the tables with an actual tablecloth instead of a giant piece of paper posing as one.  That's right.  Their tables are covered with paper . . . much like the bed at the doctors office.  uggghh.  Need I say more?

    Second, My girl and I split a large dish called the "Mama's Trio," which consists of Lasagna al Forno, Chicken Parmigiana with Capellini Pomodoro, and Roasted Chicken Cannelloni.  Now, unlike some restaurants, this place did have the courtesy to actually split this dish for us into two different plates, which was very nice of them.  However, Neither me or her were impressed with anything in the trio except for the Roasted Chicken Cannelloni, which was simply magnificent.  The other two dishes, the Chicken Parmasiana and that Lasagna thing were just terrible.  The Chicken Parmasiana tasted as though it had been fried about half of the time required. the actual chicken was tough, and the breading had a very slimy (not yet done) texture to it.  The Lasagna thing was . . . well, just not for me at all.  It actually tasted like Lasagna with McDonald's hamburger meat to me.  However, I do have a few friends that don't mind it, so don't take my word for it.  But if you get it and don't like it, just remember I told you so.  :p

    So, after our "meal," We had some drinks, which were just great.  I really wanted their "leaning bellini" since the website claimed it as their "signature bellini," but, to my dismay, they were out of bellini mix.  This made me sad.  But I did get me a Pomegranate Martini, which was AWESOME!  But seriously, places shouldn't "run out" of the mix for their "signature" drinks.  Its just not good business.

   Now, the good parts were that we had EXCELLENT service, GREAT drinks, and the place actually looked pretty cool (though it would have looked better if I could have seen it in some brighter light) :p

The Verdict: 6.0/10
I like to think of myself as a person who can see all sides of one story, not to say that I am an "ominous presence," but I do my best to be empathetic.  The truth is, I personally will probably never go back, but there are a few (not all) that disagree with my judgment.  If we would have had bad service, it probably would have dropped down to about 3.0/10, so this Romano character needs to be thanking his lucky stars that he has some good help.  After all, it is hard to find these days.  ;)

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